• Now So Dreamlike- 2020

    We can’t have the same experience as someone else. And deep immersion can drive us into an even more individual experience. The vibration may feel familiar—or not—but where that vibration takes each of us is vast and unlimited. The information we’re looking for is in the difference. It’s the contrast the allows us to see where our shadow ends and another begins. The overlapping shadows create a foundation where it’s safe to ask, who am I and what do I want?   Our shared experience around objects brings this idea into the three dimensional space. We can walk around the objects of our experience and look at them from different angles. Observed, it may remain perfectly still, making us feel for a minute like time has stopped. In that moment, we can experience the life of that object. The story may be told to us many ways. We may experience it as an image or a movie or a scent we just noticed. With intention, we can experience it in our bodies. It may feel like heat or pressure or joy. It may be a deep breath you didn’t take but was given to you. It may feel similar to the sensation as pain.   We can feel at home on the foundation of the shadows and experience the story however it comes to us. Curiosity and trust create a container for us to learn who we are and what we want.